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A rogue general within China's People's Liberation Army has a 25-year plan to smuggle nuclear weapons into the United States.


The hunt begins for the one remaining Chinese nuclear weapon left inside the Unites States.
Book 2 in the three book Detonation series! 
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Humiliated, the leadership of the People's Republic of China plan an attack on the United States that will impact the entire planet.
Book 3 in the three book Detonation series! 
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War in the West

My fourth novel, BROKEN UNION- War in the West, is the start of a new series, but . . . it starts where the other series ended. If you haven't read FIFTY, HARRIS, or FIRE & WATER, you might want to start there or you'll be a bit confused. Broken Union is a political, military, paranormal, emotional, techno-thriller. You'll follow the struggles of CIA Agent Amanda Langford, former farmgirl and graduate of NC State University, as she tries to recover from the personal trauma of recent events. Meanwhile, the United States of America finds itself under greater threat than at any time in its history . . . and it gets worse!

Book 1 in the Preservation series!
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War in the East

BROKEN UNION- War in the East, continues where BU-War in the West ended. The United States is left devastated after the attack by The Peoples Republic of China and abandons their commitments to Europe. Russia takes advantage of the turmoil and invades Eastern Europe as a nuclear winter settles in over the Northern Hemisphere. 

Book 2 in the 3 book
Preservation series!
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BROKEN UNION- Preserved, is the final book in this series. The Russians have been stopped in Canada, but the war in Europe goes badly for the West. The Middle East becomes a new focus as old grievances come to the forefront. Israel becomes the target of Muslim nations, allies of the new Soviet Union. But Israel, long used to threats of annihilation, will not go quietly into the annals of history.

Book 3 in the 3 book
Preservation series!
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The End Times - Book 1

MACLYNN is the first book in a new series . . . a Science Fiction/Fantasy series! Connell MacLynn wanders the galaxy aboard the Morning Star, locked in a quest thrust on him by a long dead friend. Accompanied by Fultoon Longbeard, a Dwarven mechanical genius, they seek allies, resources and safe havens, as they prepare for the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. A threat from another galaxy that would leave the Milky Way devoid of life . . . .

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The Blaknar Sisters 

The End Times - Book 2

Myra and JoNay Blaknar are twins, but hardly identical. Myra is a Purebred, the elite of the Serentii. She is tall and thin. Her skin is pure white, her eyes the color of the darkest night. Myra is a Darkspace Navigator, the highest position for a Serentii.

JoNay is Flavus . . . yellow and flawed. Much shorter than her sister, she is strong and athletic, with a rebellious nature. JoNay is AlNeegan, a protector with special combat skills. They are inseparable despite their differences.

When the 18-year-old twin sisters are assigned to the Morning Star and meet Connell MacLynn, their lives are changed forever. . .

The Inner Circle 
The End Times - Book 3

As the Kytun approach the Milky Way, Connell

MacLynn continues forming a group to resist the

invasion. A weapons designer, a recruiter, and a

ship builder form the core of the Inner Circle.

But when they discover the Kytun have already

begun infiltrating planets deep within the galaxy,

it may already be too late. Are they, and every

living thing within the galaxy, already doomed?

Inner Circle new 3D cover.png

Big Iron 
The End Times - Book 4

As Omat the Shipbuilder completes the conversion of his asteroid shipyard into a spacecraft, other forces converge and

try to stop him from leaving Danker’s World. Adytum awaits, with the endless supply of Adamithrium needed to construct the

Empire Class Starship.

In the parallel universe of darkspace, the Kytun continue to battle the demon inhabitants of that realm. If they succeed, the realspace inhabited by humanity and other sentient species will be doomed.

Big Iron 3D book.png

Fortus Shar 
The End Times - Book 5

Fortus Shar, old, frail, and a former slave, becomes the key to the Emperor's Plan. Kytun breeders are appearing within the galaxy, contaminating human populations. Kytun nest ships have entered Darkspace, searching for hidden paths leading deep within the galaxy of Realspace. The centuries needed to prepare a defense have become decades or less.

Then another appears, seeking to

destroy them all . . .

Fortus Shar 3D Cover.png

Alycean Marr 
The End Times - Book 6

Alycean Marr, age 14,  lives a life of luxury in the upper reaches of the tower city of Altus Mon. Her only concerns are clothes, boys, and parties. Then the Kytun invade Arcus and carnage ensues.

She is rescued by Connell MacLynn, newly arrived after a five-year journey to find a child with mysterious powers, a child named Alycean Marr. A child who may save the galaxy . . .

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My Story

I was born in Durham, North Carolina on November 8, 1951. I attended NC State University from 1969 to 1972, majoring in mechanical engineering. Two problems: first, the drinking age back then was 18; second, I majored in engineering because all my friends majored in engineering (I found out the hard way that calculus and I didn't get along).

My mother's comment was, "I don't know what you're going to do, but you're not living here." So I enlisted in the US Army in 1972, during the Vietnam War, and found myself in the Infantry. I was lucky. I was never sent to Vietnam. After two years, I applied for the Army's Nuclear Power Plant Operator's School, graduated in 1975 with a specialty in Radiation Protection, and spent the next year teaching math at the school (God does have a sense of humor). After spending three years in Honolulu, working at the Tripler Army Medical Center, I left the army in November 1979 with a wife, a two year old son, and no job.

I started working at Three Mile Island Unit 2 in February 1980, 11 months after the accident (that's a complete separate novel). That started a career in nuclear power that lasted until 2012. I have written lesson plans, procedures and presentations galore (not exactly creative writing). Creative writing is different. You have to imagine a scene, place yourself inside it, and then describe what you are seeing in words (hopefully interesting words). I'm also a woodworker, a glazier and a sculptor. I have had work displayed in the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.


Me a 'few' years later . . .

My last day at Three Mile Island, October 1984

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