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Lieutenant General Kung Yusheng has been the Commander of 22 Base, the secret underground repository of China's nuclear arsenal, for over 30 years. He collects artifacts owned by famous military leaders, loves American art, and would like nothing better than to bring the United States to its knees.


Amanda Langford works for the CIA at the Mission Center for Weapons and Counterproliferation. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering, and speaks Mandarin, Korean and Japanese. She discovers that China has produced more highly enriched uranium than had been previously estimated, enough material to produce 20-60 nuclear weapons.


When a nuclear weapon is discovered in San Francisco, it leads to a wild search in the United States for more of the devastating devices, even as a 10-megaton thermonuclear weapon is delivered, and hidden, less than seven miles from the White House.

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Lieutenant Gong Aiguo, Siberian Tiger Special Forces operator, continues his quest to destroy the United States. But how can he still accomplish his mission with the one nuclear weapon still in his possession?

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While the United States reels from the aftermath of the nuclear detonation near the Harris Nuclear Plant, forces within the People’s Republic of China plan another devastating attack.  One that will shake the entire planet.

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BROKEN UNION - War in the East

The West Coast of the United States has been devastated by a massive earthquake. The North American continent has been split from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. Tens of millions of Americans have died. War and natural catastrophe have started a nuclear winter. Russia has invaded Alaska and Eastern Europe. CIA Agent Amanda Langford's mission in Russia has failed and she is being held prisoner. President Clarisse Beaumont struggles to hold together a shattered nation as the ghost of Abraham Lincoln walks the halls of the White House.

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BROKEN UNION - War in the West

Clarisse Beaumont grew up hunting alligators in Louisiana with her father. She left that behind when she went to college. Thirty years later, she finds herself President of the United States. This time, she and her country are the ones being hunted.

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BROKEN UNION - Preserved

It all started in San Francisco, with a fire at a Chinese restaurant, then evolved into World War III. Now, a continent lay shattered, millions were dead, a new ice age loomed, and the war went on . . .


The Russians have been stopped in Canada, but the war in Europe goes badly for the West. The Middle East becomes a new focus as old grievances come to the forefront. Israel becomes the target of Muslim nations, allies of the new Soviet Union. But Israel, long used to threats of annihilation, will not go quietly into the annals of history.

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